Panama Vacation Rental


Panama offers an incredible variety of world-class attractions – exotic tropical rainforests, beautiful mountain refuges, Caribbean-style beaches, 1000 islands, seven living Indian cultures, a sophisticated capital city, Spanish colonial historical sites, and of course, the Panama Canal. A sovereign, fully democratic country, Panama is a top destination for adventurists, eco-tourists, history buffs, beach lovers, families and romantics. Located east of Costa Rica and west of Colombia, Panama is a narrow isthmus connecting North America with South America. Panama has a … Continue reading

Best Surfing in Panama


Playa Venao reputedly has the best beach break in all Panama. The main wave breaks left and right with the best waves from medium to high tide. You can surf year round in Playa Venao with waves around 95% of the time. The drier months, (November to May), bring the off shore winds making every wave almost perfect. Never surfed before? Well, now might be the time to try. With a sandy bottom and no rocks in sight, Playa Venao … Continue reading

Vacation Rental in Playa Venao


Surfing Pedasí’s coast offers a variety of breaks for surfers. The most popular of these is Playa Venao (also known as Playa Venado), at Pedasí’s western end, which was chosen for the 2007 Central American Surf Championship. Venao has a reliable south swell, with left and right breaks over a sandy bottom. Nearby beaches Ciruelo, Madroño and Raya also offer good surf, with hollow tubes at all three under optimum conditions. Other surfing beaches in Pedasí include El Toro, with … Continue reading